The Guy That Sold His Entire Life on eBay & Bought a Caribbean Island — Ian Usher

Ian Usher is a minimalist traveler living and traveling all over the world but a few years ago he was just like everyone else. He owned a house, a car, a jet ski, a motorcycle and his home was packed full of stuff that didn’t need so he decided to put his entire life for sale on eBay.

The global media jumped on the story after the bid reached $2.2 million dollars and his story took off. The problem was that the huge bid came from a 15 year old…that didn’t have $2.2 million. Not a problem though, he went to the next highest bidders but it turns out they really weren’t interested either. The auction closed and Ian didn’t have any legitimate buyers for his life.

Podcast episode #41 — Ian Usher tells the real story behind his crazy idea.

Dejected and without the money that he expected, he set out anyway to accomplish his goal. Not just one goal though.

Ian set out to check off of his bucket list 100 goals in 100 weeks all over the world.

6 months into his travels, his house eventually sold and then the big call came from an agent in Hollywood. Disney was interested in buying the rights to his story. They put up $20,000 for an 18 month option, renewed it for another 18 months at an additional $20,000 and in the end payed him $240,000 for his story.

Ian took his windfall and did want any normal person would do. He bought a Caribbean island off of the coast of Panama.

In this episode we cover…

How much was he trying to sell his entire life for?

What happened when the global media companies started reaching out to him?

How did his plan fail when the auction closed?

How did he persevere through the disappointment and lack of money to fund his trip?

How did the Disney deal go down?

What’s it like to buy an island and build a sustainable, minimalist life on a Caribbean island?

How they now live house sitting all over the world?

What are the down sides of house sitting?

How do they make money as tutors teaching English to people in China?

My conversation ends with a great view into his life as a minimalist traveler. They are going to South Africa and then Barbados for the next few months and continue to teach English for less than 50 hours a MONTH to keep their dream funded.

Show Notes

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