International Tax Extravaganza!

Todd Tucker
Dec 10, 2019 · 1 min read

NEW today: In @ForeignAffairs magazine, @JosephEStiglitz @gabriel_zucman and I call for a New Deal on international taxation to rein in the nefarious influence that the Top 1% are having on our economies/democracies. And we have other goodies to share!👇 (…)

Over at @rooseveltinst, we have a blog symposium about how we got to where we are on international tax rules. I kick it off with the history of how domestic racism and conservative courts set the US on a trajectory that makes tax reform harder. (…) Next up, @phdskat and @martinhearson discuss the state of the debate over digital taxation, where the US and Europe are at each other throats and most of the planet seems left behind. (…) Then, Valpy FitzGerald and @Jayati1609 — both commissioners of the prestigious @icrict group on international taxation — discuss the ins and outs of corporate taxation talks at the OECD. (H/t @FaccioTommaso) (…)

That’s a lot about how international taxation rulemaking isn’t working towards equity. So, in a final contribution, @martinhearson and I have a new @rooseveltinst working paper on what it is working towards: incremental erosion of sovereignty. (…)

Todd Tucker

I write about democracy, political economy, and trade. Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute and Roosevelt Forward.

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