This Is My Confession.
Jen Vazmina

Kudos for having the courage to speak your mind publicly about a sometimes sensitive subject. There’s nothing wrong with having hopes and dreams of doing different stuff — You just have to make sure you do it some day so that you aren’t looking back 30 years from now with regret. WAY back before I joined HubSpot, Sue (girlfriend at the time, wife now) encouraged me to move on from a previous company. It was terrifying, but what I found is that a lot of the worry and concerns over stability and money go away as long as you’re doing something that you enjoy. And, many times, doing something you love can lead to more stability and more money because you’re that much more engaged and driven. That’s also how I started BuySellAds — Sue encouraged me to move on from HubSpot and pursue something I had a greater passion for.

Now, all that said, please don’t quit :) We need you!

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