Sheesh — what is it about ‘creatives’ that makes them so profoundly prone to reductio ad absurdam…
Geoffrey Transom

Hi Geoffrey. I am an attorney by background and I can’t draw (some “creative,” huh?). So shall we start into a discussion on logical fallacies as you seem wont to do? How about we begin six words into your post when you refer to me as a “creative” in a derogatory manner. That is ad hominem—attacking the arguer instead of the argument. Then in sentence two, you conflate “reductio ad absurdam” (sic), which refers to trying to disprove something by showing it leads to an inevitably absurd result, and “straw man,” which refers to arguing by misresprenting one’s opponent’s postion. Which is it?

Then in paragraph three, you get started with, “Nobody pretends that good ‘design’ is an emergent property of iteration by itself….” Nobody? Faulty generalization. You know better. Then “pretends” is an attempt to appeal to emotion and has nothing to do with a logical argument.

I’m getting tired, and I’m only three paragraphs in on a 21 paragraph comment. You’ve lost me.

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