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It’s not clear — if as the author asserts, that Trump had a hand in the NYP piece — that Melania is anything but an accomplice in the would be baiting of liberals.

Fera doesn’t want us to take the bait — which we shouldn’t — but she does still want us to perceive Ms. Trump as an unwilling victim.

But Melania is a grown up professional model who signs away her rights to her image every time she takes a job. So she’s not “unwilling.”

And if some emotional harm should befall her? She’ll weep all the way to the bank. She’s the filthy rich wife of a filthy little man.

So aside from the fact that we really shouldn’t offer more than shrugs at conservative hypocrisy, what do I care what the Trumps and the New York Post do for prurience, prejudice, politics, and profits?

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