There are all sorts of interesting things to highlight in the world of book publishing and business books as we reach the half-way point of 2021. Let’s jump right in!

1. Big Growth In Book Market

Source: NPD Bookscan

Book publishing is classically a market of slow and steady growth. In 2020, book publishing was remarkably resilient through the…

About 11,000 business books are published every year. Here’s a strategy to get through the most important ones.

A young female customer  at bookstore standing against a bookshelf picks up a book and reads through it.
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During my sophomore year of high school, a family moved into our rural southeastern Wisconsin school district. The two kids had been educated at private schools in the inner suburbs of Chicago, which was immediately evident by the books they were reading. The son was a year older than me…

The 3 Best Business Books of 2019

11,000 business books are published every year. Here are the three you need to crush 2020.

In the world of business books, there are 11,000 titles published every year. The sheer volume of new books makes it impossible to sort through them all.

As readers, we need help, and that help arrives each November in the form of awards and best-of-the-year lists from media outlets and…

Every since I started writing books in 2005, I have always felt that something was wrong with the book publishing process. The process is slow. There are lots of handoffs between various specialists. The book files keeps changing formats across various computer programs. …

Todd Sattersten

I am the publisher at Bard Press and the co-author of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time. I read a lot of books.

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