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This is just a quick reminder to myself about the 10 things I will do each day. Nothing fancy here, and nothing new. All stuff I’ve written about and explored before. This has actually become a new tradition I do around this time of year. Because, well, the new year is always a good time to revisit and recommit to things like this.

And as always, I hope they give you something to think about to. Here goes:

1. Move slowly. We all move too fast. Try to do too much. Try to move at a quicker pace. I will concentrate on moving more slowly, with everything. I will read more carefully, I will eat more thoughtfully, savoring every bite and sip. I will slow down in trying to move through a list of action items. …

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People don’t know how to fly.

While I am not a billion mile flyer, I do travel more than the average bloke. Over the years, I’ve accumulated a few basic rules of common sense and basic courtesy that all should follow.

And if you follow these, you’ll enjoy your flight more, and the passengers around you will too, and NOT be silently cursing you behind your back:

How to fly / The guidelines:

1. Don’t recline the seat. The person behind you is in a sardine can already. Why be thoughtless and selfish?

2. You are sitting behind me, yes. But that doesn’t mean you allowed to use my seat back as a means of pulling your fat ass up from the seated position. …

I believe in, and take very seriously, respect in business. And if you don’t show me respect, I have ZERO interest in doing business with you.

Even if real money is at stake.

So here’s what prompted this column: An author reached out to me to be interviewed on my business show about her new book.

Lack of respect in business

“Any interest in interviewing me about my new book,” she inquired via email.

“No thank you,” I answered, in a simple, three-word email.

“Ok,” she replied. “Any reason why?”

“Because I’ve had you booked on my show three times over the last several years, and each time, you bailed at the very last-minute due to some sketchy reason. I am not wasting my time again. …


Todd Schnick

Earth voyager, Chicagoan, podcaster, and philanthropist

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