“Only Make Friends with People Who Have Money.”
Tiffany Sun

Very true, a principal my parents taught me through various life experiences in my youth.

Despite those lessons, an incredible amount of beguiling external elements professing the “best” way to be happy, successful, popular, and what is important have and will always tempt one to peer over the edge.

Some are lucky to be tested, falter, and inevitably reassess their direction and look at themselves in the mirror without regret while moving forward.

Being told you are too kind, forgiving, and consistently questioning the status quo isn’t a bad thing. :)

I say this often -Just because everyone is eating vanilla ice cream doesn’t mean I have to :) -Toddly Function — a nickname given to me by my friends. Hehehe.

Thanks for sharing Tiffany, I can relate to your journey and am inspired.

Keep Rocking ^^