The analysts are not at fault, and their leaders were not motivated by partisan politics — but just the same, the way the process has intersected with America’s political debate has been very regrettable.
The intelligence community and President Trump
The Brookings Institution

Is the Brookings Institute writing propaganda for the intelligence community?

The CIA has no evidence linking Russia to the emails on Wikileaks. The NSA would know with absolute guarantee.

Furthermore, with all your apologizing, you failed to mention that Wikileaks, Julian Assange and a former ambassador have all stated the emails weren’t hacks, but were leaks from inside the DNC. Who knows, maybe some of the younger staff members who supported Bernie Sanders didn’t like what the DNC and Debbie Schultz were doing to Bernie in the primaries. Our national press also ignored Sanders.

Since everything I’ve read from IC has been conjecture, let’s discuss the likelihood of an inside leak at the DNC. Once the damage was done, maybe the CIA under Obama, helped divert attention to Russia to:

  • Damage control for Obama and DNC; and
  • Discredit Donald Trump.

While I might be bias, my explanation is more plausible and has more facts to support.

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