There’s Major Fuckery Afoot With The Washington Post, And I Think I Know Why
Caitlin Johnstone

Keep digging, Caitlin!

As an independent journalist and muckraker, I know you’re fighting an uphill battle convincing our news consuming drones that they’re being fed manipulations. There are many smart people who believe, verbatim, what they read from WaPo and NY Times.

I consistently point out the fact they use “anonymous sources within the department” or “close to the government” in their stories. These would be called “whistleblowers”. In our surveillance state, we prosecute “whistleblowers”. Therefore, the only “government sources” are the ones intentionally leaking propaganda they want printed.

If you’re a beat reporter and you want to hold the government accountable, good luck ever getting an interview with politicians. You can’t hold them accountable and get solid information. What they give you is what they want you to print. Period.

Journalism doesn’t occur in this country at our major establishment newspapers, because truth-seeking diffuses power. We suffer from centralized power centers which is a direct result of an ineffective government and neutered press.

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