It’s Official: Any Future Gas Attacks In Syria Are Definite False Flags
Caitlin Johnstone

The Deep State is a public-private partnership. We work with a rogue military. Many of the defense contractors are publicly-traded on the NYSE. They have billion$ of reasons to provoke action against Syria or any other strategically beneficial targets. It’s profitable.

When your entire economic system is centered around this one thought — “maximizing shareholder value”, we all must think in those terms.

The Trump administration just gave the green light for a group to stage a chemical attack on innocent civilians in Syria. Over a month ago, Vladimir Putin said that Russian intelligence had uncovered just such a plot near Damascus.

As you pointed out, we don’t need evidence that Assad gave the order. We’ve taken action twice without any evidence.

Yet, Britain has already issued a statement they stand behind USA 100% for attacking Syria if they use chemicals against their citizens. No proof required.

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