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The University of Kentucky has been a staple of the community since the late nineteenth century. Known for their top-tier football and basketball teams, fans from Lexington and beyond flock to the city on game days to see the Wildcats compete and experience an atmosphere second to none. Whether you’re headed to a basketball game at Rupp Arena or a football game at Kroger Field (previously known as Commonwealth Stadium), check out this list of the top 5 things to experience on game day at the University of Kentucky, as told by lifelong Wildcat fan and police officer, Todd Walls.

Take A Campus…

Getting involved in your community has never been easier

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Whether you’re new to a city and wishing to expand your friend circle or have been a local for years and are just looking to give back, there are so many ways to volunteer within your community. Plus, involvement is mutually beneficial; it uplifts the local community and has proven physical and mental health benefits for the person devoting their time to bettering the neighborhood around them. Todd Walls, a Law Enforcement Officer and former Chief of Police with the West Buechel Police Department, provides invaluable tips on the best ways to get involved.

Support a local sports team

Are you an avid sports fan? Then getting involved with a local sports team might be just the ticket to get you more involved with your community! The first step in supporting your local basketball, baseball, football, or soccer team is to simply attend the games. For the players, having fans in the stands cheering them on makes a world of difference. Beyond that, Todd Walls suggests you consider volunteering your time to help the sports teams thrive. This could take the form of running the concession stand, organizing and executing fundraising events, doing live commentary at the games, or promoting the team on social media. …

How law enforcement should embrace communities

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Community-oriented policing, also referred to as problem-oriented policing, is not a new phenomenon; however, it is one gaining traction as of late. The concept behind this type of policing, which was first theorized by criminologists, is to change the focus from reaction to proaction, and the way to do this is by focusing on building relationships with the local community in order to prevent crime.

This model of policing holds the shared beliefs that police officers ought to be responsible for managing, understanding, and assessing problems, not simply responding to incidents, and that in order to reduce crime, police officers must work in tandem with the local community. Thus, rather than the traditional notion of law enforcement being all about crime and punishment (emphasis on punishment), community policing takes a proactive, preventative approach to crime that involves three groups: police officers, local government officials, and community leaders. …


Todd Walls

Louisville, Kentucky | Law Enforcement Officer | Husband, father, citizen | Fishing, Hunting, Softball, Church | #WeAreUK

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