Since. . . Last Sunday

What do I do with the rage I’ve felt since last Sunday?

Since Orlando.

Since Prop 8 passed.

Since someone threw a water bottle at me from a passing car in the Castro.

Since I had to fight the administration and the alumni to have a Queer film series in college.

Since I stood in front of screaming protestors at the pride parade.

Since I was afraid to come out to my brother because he might not want me around his child.

Since Billy called me a fag in high school.


Since the straight world has no idea how much rage they cause —

Since they choose to erase, overlook, and ignore me —

Since I can’t forget the slights, the sticks and stones, or the silence —

Since I know who my friends are and who the real enemy is —

I will keep fighting.

My work isn’t done, and I’m not going anywhere.

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