The Yoga of Significance

Stumbling upon the timeless depth of presence

Tod Evans
Tod Evans
Jan 17 · 5 min read
Photo by Andrew Spencer on Unsplash

This was significant somehow, this relationship across such a large swath of time.

I caressed one of the larger pottery shards with my fingertips, running them lightly over the dark, parallel lines painted on the surface. I sensed a connection with the maker who had shaped the pot from wet clay and painted those lines so long ago. It was like I was actually touching the very fingers that formed the pot, as if time was just an afterthought within this shared intimacy between worlds.

We are all connected within life’s blossoming and have the potential to share love, laughter, and breath.

But then I stumbled upon an ancient pot while hiking in the mountains. It was fragmented but still retained its power as a creative expression of the One Source of life — not a bad metaphor for most of us walking the earth today, seemingly fragmented but ultimately whole. And I met the pot’s maker in the etheric realms of imagination. She taught me that significance is something that comes before the business card or any story of worldly success. It is something inherently within us — a part of our original design, like our beating heart or inherent ability to fashion clay.

Tod Evans

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