One of the best ways to celebrate ones 40th birthday is to fly to Mexico and spend all your time next to the Caribbean. You should invite friends. Stay for eight or nine days. Visit some sites. Eat local.

Hands and I rented a bike to travel around the Coba Ruins.
Coba ruins ball court
Coba pyramid.
View from the top of the largest pyramid. This is the last year visitors are allowed to climb it.
Looking down from the top.
I spent a lot of time in the pool and the ocean.
Hands brought some rain after looking for seashells.
Tulum mural at Mateos restaurant.
This would be such a liability in the states.
Part of the Festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Blue bike.
View from the kitchen of Casa de Ensueno
View of our beach and house.
Hands with a seashell hat.
View from the beach. Breezy.
Tulum ruins.
Tulum ruins.
Hands and Beard.
Our wonderful friends Chris and Heather!
Panorama from our beach.
My birthday cake!

Our last day was spent in Cancun. We stayed in a two bedroom apartment. We spent some time shopping in Cancun. Cancun reminds me of Las Vegas.

Ferries to Isla Mujeres
Our last night was spent at Casa Mexicana Puerto Juarez, Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
Digital price tags at Chedraui
Wine vending machine. Drink while you shop at Chedraui
Cancun mural.
Leaving Casa Mexicana to Cancun Airport.
Thanks for having us, Mexico! Adiós!