if anybody has a reason a reason to be racist………

I do

But im not

and you shouldn’t be either

let me tell you why……

let’s go

my girlfriend of 10 years, while walking home from work late one night , was raped at knifepoiunt by a black man in a bank parking lot

it couldnt have happened to a more undeserving person,

considering she didnt have a hateful bone in her body

i was robbed for alot of money with a gun to my forehead by a black dude

another time, i was robbed and shot at from close range for an ounce of weed

The bullet missed my friend and I by a foot…

i know because of the bullethole that was left in the dashboard of the car

a 22

i gave a haitian a place to stay once and he fucked me over on a couple of months rent

While in prison (drunk drivings), i had the most racist Nation of Islam piece of shit ive ever met in my life for a cellmate

He didnt say a word to me for the brief 3 or 4 months i was there.

As far as prison goes, i guess thats better than him

trying to fuck me up the ass though

Looking back, i suppose i should be grateful for having met that insufferable cocksmoker

it was his racism that proved to me just how ridiculous racism is…

to hate somebody that has never done anything to you

It really is that simple, isnt it?


Ahh…….good times

So what stopped me from becoming the Grand Wizard of the KKK?

well, first of all, im not a fucking idiot

and next,

I thought about all the kind, generous black people i had always had in my life growing up

through all of this one of my best friends, and one of the most interesting people i have ever met to this day…….

was a negro

i mean african american

i lose track of the acceptable lingo

i dont care if you think thats funny

he would……..

everytime i wanted to condemn the entire black race for my experiences

i didn”t because of him

what an inconvenient asshole

i could be living in the lap of luxury in the white supremacist movement right about now

he and many others, including ice cube, kept me objective

all of this shit happened between 15 and 20 years ago

since then i have worked alongside many latinos and blacks with only positive experiences

i dated a few black girls

i even moved into an all black neighborhood for a spell.

the hood

By choice, not circumstances

what my experience has taught me:



This seems to be a hard concept to understand these days


in the past ive had white friends use the word nigger

ive had black friends say that all white people were devils

and smelt like wet dog hair


they were all decent people

by decent, i mean they were




overall, looked out for the people they loved.

they occassionally talked like racists but werent.


they werent violent


fanatical people

that wouldn’t physically harm or deliberately sabotage anyone

they practiced a sort of





i could tell they werent sincere about the dumb shit they said

i also realized that neither my white or black friends had spent any considerable amount of time

nor ever suffered a crime by the hands of the people they claimed to hate

(not including police)

all of their prejudices had been learned from

dumb fucking family

dumbfuck friends

society and the media

the “justice system”

to my african american family out there i say!

do not confuse all white people with the government

or the police

they are not the same

out of all of the white people ive known in my life

not once have i ever heard one say “lets go fuck up some black people”

i say this!

before you condemn a whole race of people or culture for the actions of a few

ask yourself this!

AM i responsible ?

for everything that someone does with the

same skin color ?

internet racism

the internet is not represenative of reality folks!!!!!!

hate is very easy to find on the net

ignore it or be consumed

racism is a weakness

racism is hatred

hatred is weakness

hatred is ignorance

ignorance is weakness

hatred feeds off negative attention

when you dont react to hatred, it stops it from spreading

giving a negative reaction to hatred is like gas on a fire

starve it of your attention and it will be forced to consume itself

the hateful person will either self destruct

or be forced to reevaluate things

hateful people want attention

its a game

everytime you give hate your attention

you lose


cunt, faggot, white trash, nazi, nigger, spic, wetback, kike, zipperhead, towelhead,

fat fuck, junkie-drunk, whore

you are never going to be able to control someone using these words to hurt your feelings


you can control how it makes you feel


be composed

be polite even

show them that their words have no affect on you

it drives hateful people crazy

it works everytime

if you let the way someone treats you, affect you negatively

you are giving them control over you

sticks and stones?

its name calling

are you an adult or a child?

double encore:

if you are a bad motherfucker

skilled at what you do…….

regardless of color or sexual orientation

you can do whatever you want

start acting

stop reacting

i love you all

stop acting like pussies

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