According to Google cloaking is when “a website returns altered web pages to search engines crawling the site. …

The task of building a well performing website is not an easy and straight-forward task. It is the work of a combination of skill, experience and patience. In this post, we shall provide a checklist of website performance evaluation criteria that are useful to maintain good health for a website.

The performance of a website is usually done regarding user experience and website security. These are very fundamental to success.

The First Steps

URL (Intuitive) — The URL needs to be short and simple. The best URLs are intuitive. From the URL, you need to be able to understand what the website will be all about before you read the content of the website. …

Websites are impersonal ways of communication and so they require strong confidence building measures to keep visitors and get them to return to the site. …

Fegalo Nsuke

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