Snapchat Geofilters: A Verge Pipe Media Case Study

It seems like each day we see an article in the Verge Pipe Media Twitter feed or on our Facebook discussing “How Marketers Can Leverage Snapchat” or “Snapchat: What You Need to Know.” Hell, even in 2014 Advertising Ade published “Thinking of Snapchat Advertising? Snap out of It.” So, we’re not exactly wading into virgin territory here.

However, we wanted to take a slightly different angle and present a first-person perspective, so to speak, of what we have “tested and learned” with Snapchat in recent weeks. You’ve no doubt read and seen all the stats. But, we’d like to present a real life case study in what we at Verge Pipe Media has learned and hope to learn in the coming months.

Snapchat is still a largely untapped frontier for most major brands. Even the latest stats show that not even 1% of brands utilize Snapchat. This means that there is still room for experimentation, or plenty of ways to “test and learn.”

Snapchat may be labor intensive and require a daily commitment, but we feel that it is worth the investment to see how we can stand out. We already believe that just using geofilters around an event helps you separate yourselves from your competitors.

Want to learn how Verge Pipe Media earned more than 3,100 impressions at our latest event leveraging Snapchat? Click below to read our case study and how we will be implementing Snapchat in the months ahead.

How to Leverage Snapchat’s New Custom Geofilters

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