Verge Pipe Media Helps You Deliver ROI To Your Dean

We still continue to hear the common “What’s the ROI for social media?” question when we visit prospects. But, we get it. You need to justify social media efforts to your bosses and show what impact social media is having on your academic unit or college.

The problem is, there is no simple or easy answer to this question. Social media ROI differs for every college and every situation. Units often aren’t sure what to measure, or measuring the wrong thing, or even worse, measuring nothing at all.

That’s why measuring can be tough and confusing. You’re asked to measure tough objectives and are often inundated with data that you can’t sift through. Or, you’re familiar with measuring ROI for traditional media and quickly realize it is a different ballgame when it comes to social media.

Has your Dean recently come to you and said, “I need to see how your social media efforts are helping us with our strategic goals.” If so, we can help!

At Verge Pipe Media, we are a data driven agency that employs inbound tactics on a regular basis to help our higher education clients deliver ROI to their dean. If you’d like to learn more about how we’ve directly helped a client, click below.

6 Steps to Measure Social Media ROI For Your Dean