Why the Women’s March made me think about racism.
Marianne Elliott

I’m still confused. A woman’s march, No wait a BLM March, No wait a LGBTV??? march, No wait. Ok what’s going on??? Mainly backed by planned parenthood.

Question, Where does planned parenthood get it’s money from???

I understand this march was for all women. Yet I see a lot of women postion the march doesn’t speck for them.

The women who believe right to life are not welcome. So what exactly are you for. Rights. I believe you have them. Pay??? from where I’m sitting you make the same as men. Keep it up the only ones agreeing with you are your own…

And Race. There’s only a race problem cause you keep bringing it up. If you get rid of race what will you have?????…… OH yea NO POWER… Can’t have that. Sorry. lets quit acting like children sit down at the table and act as grown ups. Yes I’ll get attacked for this. OK. I’m a big boy. but there’s different colors in my jelly bean bag. we won’t all agree. let’s make a start

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