I Got Rejected by Apple Music… So I Redesigned It
Jason Yuan

Jason… this is the very first time I read an entire article without skipping any phrase or just “reading the images”, and also, the very first time I say something here…. so, here I go with my feelings about this article… ok? So, bear with me =)

What an amazing article with an amazing approach to show how to deal (brilliantly, per se) with a rejection. You got a lemon and turned into a gorgeous tree with an amazing fruits. Bravo!

This whole redesign and conception thru something existent, and from who is, made all Apple “dizainers” completely jealous with your artwork and, even worse, made the HR feel deep sorry to turn you and your dream down. They always try to tell us the guidelines, but hey, you just schooled them with THEIR guidelines, which is a marvelous job!

I REALLY hope the Apple HR really reconsider their judgment about you and your “few bags and junk in the trunk”, but I think this is what Apple needs now! A young blood with thirst of knowledge and be extremely auditious to walk in their valley and leave as nothing happened.

My deepest congratulations about your design and the brilliant whole career you have ahead =)

I have myself a few modifications regarding your whole job, but nothing major as your accomplishment.

Congratulations =)

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