24 Hour Run to Commemorate Craig Percival

Over the last couple days, we announced our first event of The BIG 10 — a 24 hour run around a 400m track on March 11–12 from 7am-7am…

With these 10 events, it’s entirely a selfless project where we want to help various causes of youth and selfishly see how far we can push our bodies.

In this case, we’re doing this one for the death of Craig Percival.

Now, even though this is for youth per se, Craig’s family would be struggling so this one is to help them get back on their feet.

Why a 24 hour track run?

Well, we did a 24hr treadmill challenge last year in September and thought we’d take on another one of these challenges but on a 400m track this time.

Not only that, this project is about pushing our bodies i.e. meaning the conventional 42km marathon isn’t going to cut it.

What exactly is happening on the day?

Besides an abundance of running (and hopefully not going crazy haha), this event will be much more interactive than the 24hr treadmill challenge.

Kids from various school will be taking turns with us every hour or so during daylight hours and any runners (or non-runners) from the community is welcome to join us through a timeslot — just so there’s not too many runners on the track at once.

That’s what’s happening on the track itself but the grassy section on the inside is also going to be quite interactive:

  • Throughout the day, our team will be throwing plenty of competitions for you to win prizes of merch and items from our sponsors
  • Food and music
  • Merch tent which will have limited edition items for anyone to purchase
  • There will be multiple marquees of our sponsors and race crew if you’d like to say hi and get a pic of the event (or us haha) in action

The point of The BIG 10 project is to selfishly see how far we can push our bodies but selfless, we want to help the youth of the community. If we can get some exposure for taking on some bold tasks like a 24hour run and the Mt Everest Ultramarathon (event 3), then we can definitely raise some money along the way for people who really need it.

Which is why we want to help the Percival family. For a guy who took time out of his day to make this world a better place, we want to pay it forward.

If you’ve never heard of Craig Percival, he did some amazing things.

In March 2016, he took on 8 Ironman triathlons in 8 days in all 8 states of Australia! This mammoth event was known as ‘8in8in8’.

And not to mention, raised over $80k for The John Maclean Foundation to focus on assisting wheelchair-bound children and young adults.

The John Maclean Foundation (JMF) exists to change the lives of young Australians who use wheelchairs. JMF is the brainchild of legendary athlete John Maclean OAM. John was the first wheelchair athlete to complete the legendary Hawaii Ironman Triathlon, and to swim the English Channel.

As well as the 8in8in8, Craig came second at the 2015 Ultraman Triathlon in Hawaii — even tougher than an Ironman Triathlon (10km swim/ 422km bike/ 84km run).

To even get invited to an Ultraman is a feat in itself.

Craig’s philosophy was to be the best of yourself in whatever you do. Just focusing on PBs than anyone else because you’re always only in competition with yourself.

When we found this out, it struck a “holy shit!” moment because that’s exactly what we’re about.

Just 2 guys trying to push the limits.

(24hr treadmill challenge — event #29 of 2016)

Anyway, please support by coming down or making an online donation to the Percival Family via their GoFundMe page as everything helps!

You can also assist us in the following if you’d like to get involved :)

Volunteers — We’re still looking for a few members of the community to help us with setup, organisation race crewing — email us on contact@thewoundedpelicans.com if you’d like to be involved.

Come say hi — Throughout the day, we will start to go insane after continuously running around a 400m track… that being said, come down and say hi and grab a bite to eat or get a pic with us in the action

Running — We’ll be having timeslots for kids to join us (daylight hours only) and runners from the community (at certain hours) — if you’d like to join us for a trot on the track, email us on contact@thewoundedpelicans.com as we’ll be booking in timeslots.

Sponsors — If there are any sponsors that would like to assist us during this event, please email us on contact@thewoundedpelicans.com

Click here for the Facebook event — https://www.facebook.com/events/609884892528971/

Leave a comment if you plan on coming down!


Chris (Tofes) & Ant — The Wounded Pelicans

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