How Much Have We Invested Into Running?

Unlike snowboarding, running is quite a cheap hobby to take up. All you need is a decent pair of shoes and some training clothes and you’re set. That might be for any runner but not for us…

At first, we thought running would be a cheap thing to take up but we’ve spent more money this year than what a beginner snowboarder would spend in their first snow season… and that’s if they buy their own gear too!

After all the clothes, shoes, race entries, and the other essentials, it all adds up… very quickly.

Believe it or not, in the past 6 months, $14k has already been spent between the both of us! If we break down our expenses into categories, we get the following:

  • Race entry fees — $1,911
  • Clothes — $550
  • Shoes — $635
  • Car travel (petrol) — $800 approx
  • Swimming pool entry fee — $300
  • Race gels/ food/ nutritional products — $1,000
  • Gear (watch/ altitude masks/ etc) — $850
  • Kokoda Trail in PNG — $6,000 (this includes flights which we still need to book)
  • Triathlon Gear — $1,166
  • Other (marketing/ blog/ physio) — $1,000

These figures are quite scary when the majority of our races have got us a half price discount or a free entry…

Despite Kokoda being where the largest amount is spent, we have still spent $8k this year already, more than we intentionally expected. Note, even though this topic is about running, we have included our triathlon and swimming expenses too because our event agenda includes other endurance sports as well as running.

But money isn’t the greatest return on investment here, our health is.

When you’ve got a copious amount of events to partake in such little time, you know pretty quickly on when training is and what your diet should be (after experimenting with what works).

If we weren’t running and being active, this much money would easily have been spent on partying each weekend. These days it’s not hard to lavish $150 a night going out with the mates…

In our case, we have lost at least 10kgs each in the past 15 months and feeling fitter than ever. We are even getting compliments from family, friends, and strangers on how lean and fit we look.

The Wounded Pelicans in 2011 vs The Wounded Pelicans in 2016

So, it’s safe to say we are doing something right!

Health should ALWAYS be considered first before anything else because if you don’t have your health in order then it will catch up on you and everything you’ve worked for could become pointless.

Even famous billionaire businessman, Sir Richard Branson thinks so too. The man has started over 400 companies and what’s his secret to his success? He says his health is a number one priority by working out first thing in the morning.

We could all learn from this guy!

But even though we have spent a shitload of money into running this year, it’s definitely a great investment for us because it will work out well in the long term.

How so? At the rate we are growing with our physical ability and credibility with the running community, we can definitely pursue running as our everyday jobs.

We are already in discussion to launch something by the end of the year… fingers crossed! We won’t leak anything yet but keep your ears peeled as this will be announced later in the year….

About a month ago, we posted the following quote on our Instagram (and Facebook) which is a quote we have coined ourselves. We use wasted time as fear as a driving force to get our goals done. Therefore, if you focus on working hard and getting goals accomplished, it may cost but money can always been regained where time and energy are finite…

Going back to how much we’ve spent this year, the majority of what we need will have us covered for a while… all we really need is Kokoda equipment and maybe a few bike extras (pedals & shoes) and we’ll be good.

However, if we do launch something, this would be a great opportunity to collaborate with sponsors to help us grow and help them grow too!

We have already partnered up with a few brands already (which we are so grateful for!) and this means when we move forward toward our vision then they get to join the journey with us :) Stay tuned as we will dedicate a blog to our partners.

In case you were wondering what the vision is, we aim to inspire people to get out of their comfort zones and be constantly striving. It’s too easy to be average as 99% of the world already is.

If we had a world full of non-lazy people with the right mindset then how much better would it be!

With what we are trying to achieve, it doesn’t even have to be running or fitness related, but knowing we are setting a good example and positively changing people’s lives would be one of the greatest feelings and you can’t put a price on that.

Anyway, we’ll save this for another blog! Leave a comment on what you think :)

It would also mean alot if you could share the word about our journey and to leave a little green heart!

The Wounded Pelicans After Up The Buff — Event 10


The Wounded Pelicans (Tofes & Ant)

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