New Beer Unveil & Event 33 Recap

Well into our 10th month of our endurance-for-cancer project and it was quite an eventful weekend… we were apart of a new beer unveil as well as our 33rd endurance event for the year.

Our mates at Burleigh Brewing Co were launching their 9th beer (Twisted Palm) of the frothy family and came to us with a proposal that if we can get 40 people to show up at the launch then they’ll donate $1,000 to our cancer fundraiser.

As runners to be apart of a beer launch is something that we’d never expect to happen but we like to have fun and if it helps us get closer to our $20k goal then we’d happily be involved.

Throughout last week, we had an interview with Channel 7 about our recent adventure at Kokoda and our 100 miler ultramarathon (which we’re still waiting for them to upload the Facebook video…) then Channel 7 came to Burleigh Brewing Co on Friday to talk about Burleigh Brewing Co’s new beer launch and how they’ve gotten the local community involved — i.e. The Wounded Pelicans.

Overall it was a fun solid night drinking their new beer and socialising with our friends who came that we haven’t seen in a while — we’re quite busy with events all year so it’s great to wind down and not have to focus on training for once.

The Wounded Pelicans @ Twisted Palm beer launch at Burleigh Brewing Co

Then with a well needed day of rest on Saturday, we still had an endurance event on the Sunday — #33: Griffith Uni Toohey Half Marathon.

Even a week after taking on a 100miler, we’re back at it again.

But it wasn’t just us who backed up an event after last weekend. Debbie Gilchrist who we met last week was also at Nerang but completed her first 100k ultra then met up with us yesterday at the half marathon!

The Wounded Pelicans finish Griffith Uni Toohey Trail half marathon — Event #33

The course overall was really well put. With a combination of road and trails and a nice sunny day, it made the event definitely an enjoyable one.

Personally, we thought there should’ve been a marathon distance but it would’ve taken Tofes (Chris) a little longer than usual if we had to take on a 42km distance…

During the last 7km of the second lap, there was niggle in Tofes knee resulting into a slow jog but still came home with a finish despite the slow pace toward the end.

In hindsight, if it was a full marathon distance, it would’ve been an easy 5 hour marathon finish than the usual 3:46–4hr time.

Massive shoutout to Griffith Uni for hooking us up with free entries for this one! They even mentioned us on their site regarding our endurance-for-cancer project — click here to read it.

Leave a comment if you were at the Griffith Uni Toohey Half Mara and tell us about your experience.

Next up, we had a double header next weekend — Raw Challenge b2b Hellfire Hustle Downhill Race…

Raw Challenge & Hellfire Hustle — events #34 & #35

Definitely will be a fun one!

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Tofes (Chris) & Ant — The Wounded Pelicans

We’re Hosting an Event! The Wounded Pelicans December Beach Fun Run — 5km & 10km:


We’ve had this in the works for a while now and have got it approved. Its a beach fun race down at North Burleigh to Broadbeach and back on Sunday Dec 4th 2016.

Purchase tickets here:

We have both 5km and 10km races and the top 3 finishes of both races win prizes.

And to make things better, it’ll be held on the first weekend of Summer!

We’re hosting this race because it will help with a portion of the funds with Mt Everest next year and our other mammoth events we will be running. And a percentage of ticket sales will go toward our $20k fundraiser for cancer research.

Here’s a link to the Facebook event:

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After running the River Run 100km Ultra

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