Raw Challenge B2B Hellfire Hustle Downhill

It’s been quite some time since we’ve partaken in back-to-back events over the same weekend and in saying that, we just completed events #34 & #35 within a day apart this weekend.

What were these two events? Raw Challenge obstacle course race & Hellfire Hustle downhill time trial.

At the start of the year, we planned it so we’d take on just Tough Mudder that way we could say we’ve completed an obstacle course race but Raw Challenge was our fourth OCR for the year!

Raw Challenge obstacle course race

As we’d meet more people throughout the year, the more events we’d add to our 2016 list.

“Oh you two should take up a Spartan Race!” or “there’s a 100km ultra coming up in a couple weeks, keen lads?” is usually how we get approached about a race we had never heard of.

So that’s how we’ve been signing up for races most of the time haha.

Back to Raw Challenge… this one was held in Numinbah Valley and was an 8km course with 38 obstacles.

These obstacles ranged from: carrying a tire over a distance, climbing over 12ft walls, and crawling through mud.

We knew this wouldn’t have been our toughest obstacle course race because we wouldn’t have to do 30 burpees at each missed obstacle like what Spartan Race are known for…

But what this course had that the other 3 OCRs lacked was a massive water slide into a creek which had easily been the funnest moment of the race haha.

Ant the gun finished first in our heat while Tofes (Chris) came fifth.

The Wounded Pelicans @ event #34 — Raw Challenge obstacle course race

Then it was rest time while we prepare ourselves for Hellfire Hustle the following day.

This was the first of the Hellfire events and also Queensland’s first downhill race hosted by Chasing Vert.

So what did the track consist of? 3.2km of steep downhill trail and a couple uphills throughout the back hinterland of Clagiraba.

We even managed to reel in our good mate Coden Sutherland to run this downhill race with us. Coden joined us on the Kokoda Trail last month if that rings a bell.

The Wounded Pelicans + Coden @ Event #35 — Hellfire Hustle Downhill

Not to digress, but Coden is the founder of the Budget Bus which is a bus tour company that takes care of private transfers for work functions, weddings, birthday parties, girls and guys nights out including Hens and Bucks Parties on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay. So, If you need help organizing or just need a private transfer for anything please contact Coden by clicking here and he can help especially coming up to the festive season!

And speaking of buses, once it reached 7:30am on Sunday, all the racers got into a transfer bus that drove us to the top of the start line.

Because Hellfire Hustle was a downhill time trial, it was done so only one runner would start every 2mins through the rocky and steep trail.

With Ant being racer #3 & Tofes as #4, it meant that the competitive side of us would come into play.

It wasn’t pretty because Ant injured his ankle early on and Tofes had a tumble into a bush in the first 400m.

But that didn’t stop Ant going hard after an injury because he didn’t want to be caught from Tofes.

By the end of the track, Ant finished in 12:23 and Tofes in 12:59.

We always give each other shit for whoever had a better race finish therefore, Ant had all the bragging rights this weekend seeing as he had a better result from both races this weekend.

Quicker times and an ankle injury is definitely an aggressive but impressive finish for the weekend.

Thankfully, our next event isn’t for 2 weeks giving Ant extra time to heal…

Ant’s swollen ankle after Hellfire Hustle

Surprisingly enough, Coden came roaring down the finish line in 12:48 beating Tofes in 11 seconds. Coden claims he doesn’t run but he’s a silent killer for sure!

Cheers to Chasing Vert for hosting this race.There may have only been 20 of us but it was a good group of runners and we highly recommend this event to anyone who was hesitant at first!

The Wounded Pelicans with Brendon and Brad from Chasing Vert @ Hellfire Hustle

It was weird to only run an event that last 13 minutes max… usually we’re out for hours at a time.

With approaching our last few events for our 2016 year, we’ve decided to take on 2 more events so it comes to a nice round number of 40…

One is a trail race in November and the other is our running race in December (keep reading below for more details on the race).

Leave a comment if you’ll be at our race! We’d love for you to be there and join us

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Tofes (Chris) & Ant — The Wounded Pelicans

Our recent Channel 7 tv interview:

5 weeks after having our first Channel 7 interview regarding the 24hr treadmill challenge we had back in September, we got asked for another tv interview about our experience at Kokoda, PNG as well as our goal to run the world’s highest ultramarathon at Mt Everest… Click here or the image below to watch the interview.

We’re Hosting an Event! The Wounded Pelicans December Beach Fun Run — 5km & 10km:


We’ve had this in the works for a while now and have got it approved. Its a beach fun race down at North Burleigh to Broadbeach and back on Sunday Dec 4th 2016.

Purchase tickets here: https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=22746

We have both 5km and 10km races and the top 3 finishes of both races win prizes.

And to make things better, it’ll be held on the first weekend of Summer!

Here’s a link to the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1081146128641429/

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