Millennials, meet insurance. Insurance, meet millennials.

For millennials who spent a greater part of their childhood in tuition classes, graduating and getting a first job is a bit of a big deal. The freedom of the metros, the excitement of figuring out what to do with your own money, the luxury of buying stuff, going places, having your own place. Cool.

Except when it stops being cool. And you look longingly to further horizons — the really distant ones. The stuff you’ve got to experience, the risks you’ve got to take, the world you must see, the world you must save.

And that’s it. You can never go back. You know the feeling.

There’s just one problem — the voice in your head. The one that was lodged very firmly, very long ago by very sensible elders. The ‘what if’ voice. What if. The music equipment I’ve just set up in my flat to record my first album gets ruined. What if. The laptop on which I was going to write the Great Indian Backpacker Blog gets stolen. What if. I get dengue while living with hunter-gatherer tribes.

Yeah. It’s a pain. But hey look! There’s someone we want you to meet…

Millennials meet insurance. Insurance meet millennials. I take it you haven’t met? Alright! Going to leave you two alone. There’s a lot you two have to talk about.

Like covering your most precious assets. The good stuff. You. Your dreams. Your fabulous new life. We have some good news. There’s a new age of insurance companies. A brave new era — the Lemonades, the Trovs and (ahem) the Toffees. Where insurance is not cumbersome, it’s a pleasure. Where there are no pushy agents selling policies that you don’t need, no forms to fill in triplicate, no choosing between seemingly identical policies or awful jargon that just does not make sense. Nope. You simply look at your life and your risks, pick a Toffee that covers them, and boom! we take care of the worrying from there on.

Good. That takes care of that then. What If Voice: heard and sorted. Life: open to grab. You’re only young once. Take risks.

About Toffee Insurance:

Toffee makes buying insurance as simple as, well, buying a Toffee. We offer micro-insurance policies that cover specific risks for a millennial’s lifestyle. No need to buy time-consuming, expensive and comprehensive insurance policies that seldom get used. The awesome thing about Toffee: Policies can be purchased within 90 seconds, and most claims will be approved in 2 hours with money in your account in 24 hours.

Toffee is founded by Rohan and Nishant, who have decades of experience in solving complex problems (like insurance) through digital interventions. Each policy is underwritten by a major insurance company. The mission is to make insurance accessible for everyone.

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