Announcing Support for BCH on CoinMall and CoinTippy

Aug 6, 2018 · 2 min read

Earning, spending and tipping BCH has never been easier!

To preface our announcement: The CoinMall team is tolerant towards any cryptocurrency, provided they’re requested by the CoinMall community and there’s an easy way to exchange said cryptocurrency. We have not been paid (in any way, shape or form) to add BCH.

Today we’re happy to announce the support for BCH on CoinMall, with complete deposit and withdrawal support starting right now. This effectively means that anyone on the internet can open a digital products storefront and start earning BCH in a matter of minutes, in addition to anyone being able to spend their BCH on the CoinMall Marketplace!

That’s pretty cool! But what exactly is CoinMall?

CoinMall is a marketplace on which you can buy & sell any digital product, ranging from eBooks and gift cards to license codes and website templates. All products are shipped automatically, resulting in the ultimate shopping and selling experience. You could consider CoinMall a hybrid between Amazon and Shopify.

In addition to complete BCH support on, we have also added BCH support to CoinTippy, which is a multi-platform tipbot available on: Reddit, Twitter, Twitch and Telegram

Awesome! How do I get started?

To get started with CoinMall, we’ve created a few short guides which will help you get up and running in a matter of minutes. Click here to check them out.

We’re working hard to implement new features to the CoinMall marketplace and realize our objective of becoming the go-to marketplace for all things digital. Click here to join our Discord or alternatively click here to follow us on Twitter. Stay tuned for more!

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