Make an Event Video in Japan 2018

Preparing to get video content from your next event in Japan!

Tokyo Big Sight is a common place for large events held in Tokyo.

Are you looking to film or get some shots at your upcoming event in Japan? Whether you are a small company or large corporation, getting video shots at your event is a great opportunity for your company to get quality content which could be used for marketing purposes to acquire new customers and clients. Whether you are bringing your own crew or decide to work with a local company like TOFU Media based in Japan, there are some things to consider before filming your event video in Japan.

Hire a proper camera crew for a proper price

Are you bringing your own crew? Most likely, your company does not have a camera crew for video production or if you are a video production company, you most likely do not have a local crew based in Japan. The good news is that most event spaces are usually laid back when it comes to filming but there are still some procedures and paperwork to file prior to filming your event that you will be responsible to submit.

Also, there may be some instances that you will be told to follow strict directions on where and how you can shoot. Most documents for shooting permissions are in Japanese so working with a local video production company based in Japan is highly recommended, especially if you are looking for location scouting in Japan from overseas. Obtaining the proper visa is something to be considered as well which can be a process if you are bringing your own crew.

Do a lot of research about the event venue

This is a very important and crucial step to your video production process in Japan. Without important information such as location size, total occupants, dimensions and lighting, your camera crew will essentially be walking on set with a blind fold and will lead to poor execution in filming the video, especially if you are planning to conduct interviews with attendees.

Big Site event in action.

If you are looking to film an event video in Japan then TOFU Media strongly advises you to not skip this step. If you are currently overseas, it would be wise to hire a company or have someone come a few days in advance before your planned event video shoot to do some location scouting. This way, you can report back this information in detail so that you and your crew can understand exactly what equipment and which video shooting techniques will be the most optimal and efficient for the event video you will shoot.

Have a detailed film schedule or storyboard for your event video

How do you want the finished video to look? What is the goal of the video? Who is the target market? How do you plan to distribute your event video in Japan? When and what will be the most valuable moments for shooting video content during your event in Japan?

Having all of these questions figured out and understood and now that you did your research about the venue of your event in Japan you can begin making the storyboard of your event video which is essentially the step by step process of what the camera crew will shoot. The more details you can convey to the production team you end up working with or can obtain from the client can assure a smooth and fast post-production process of your event video in Japan. Going back and making last minute changes can end up delaying your finished event video for months. Make sure to have a clear outline of your storyboard or seek help from a video production company to assist you with this step as they will be the masters for bringing your concept to light.

Get to the event extra early

If your company or client is attending the event you will be expected to arrive before the crowd to setup. Getting to the event early is a great way for your camera crew to get setup way in advance so that there is no rushing during go time. It is also a great opportunity for the camera crew to get their first personal view of the venue space so they can make last minute adjustments and decisions on how they will shoot your event video in Japan.

Whether it’s a commercial, TV show/program, music video or web advertisements, if you are looking to shoot video in Japan, TOFU Media, has bilingual staff to help assist you with all your video needs.