But we see restoration in its purest form when the father gave back a noble estate to the son who strayed away.

Now the son had thought to be clothed as one of the hired servants and be sustained with the bread of an hireling but nobility said no.

For the one who wasted the father's resources on riotous living and committed to a journey out of love.

Yet love found him out, ran towards him, embraced and gave him back his place.

Everytime it seems you lost something and the normal human reasoning is to get a replacement even though its not worthy of the former think on this.

That God's kind of restoration is perfect and without fault.

There is no shame in it. For where sin abounded grace did much more abound.

Believe in the father’s love. He makes all things new and perfect.

Tofunmi Abegunrin

Teacher | Believer

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