SFMTA approves Noe & Mission shuttle stop moves

On Tuesday July 18, the SFMTA Board of Directors unanimously approved changes to two shuttles stops to improve safety, reduce congestion, and streamline the flow of people. These changes are planned to come into effect in August.

Noe Valley, 24th Street and Church Street

The morning and evening shuttle stops are moving east. The shuttle zones are at the far end of intersections to improve intersection safety. A shuttle zone distinct from the Muni bus zone in the morning will reduce conflicts with Muni buses. The longer zone in the morning (112 feet) will let more than one bus pull over fully and load. In the evening, the new zone is shared with a Muni stop, and will extend 60 feet further 5:30pm-8:00pm. These changes will reduce traffic backups and make commutes faster.

The 24th and Church stop has been the source of the most complaints in the city, thanks to the efforts of Edward Mason, and it is the rallying cry for shuttle opponents across the city who want the shuttles out of residential neighborhoods. SFMTA is compelled to act here. This decision is the culmination of months of planning, an open house in April, and an engineering public hearing in June.

Mission/Upper Market, 16th Street and Sanchez Street

The afternoon zone would move westwards to the middle of the block. The current shuttle stop is too short and causes traffic backups on Sanchez Street. The current curb space reverts to street parking at 8pm, and shuttles after 8pm would double-park on 16th Street. The new shuttle stop will keep buses out of the intersection, and would be effective 4pm-10pm. SFMTA has received complaints about shuttle noise, double parking, and obstructing driveway access.

Your support matters

Your emails, petition signing, and voices at the hearings made a difference and empowered the SFMTA staff and board to make these decisions that would help commuter shuttle riders and improve traffic for our neighbors. The haters are still out there. At the Board of Directors meeting, 7 out of the 11 speakers spoke to oppose the shuttle stop changes or the commuter shuttle program as a whole. We need to stand up and be heard. Thank you for your support.

Read the SFMTA staff report here (PDF).