Don’t Call Them an Agency — Galaxy Spins Off Together, a Premium Design Services Brand

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What are some of the biggest problems design teams are facing today? We’ve been working on Together for the last 3 years, and in that time, we have done extensive research. Our research shows that Design leaders are struggling with scaling up, and we landed on 3 top issues design leaders are currently struggling with, that Together helps with.

But before we explain those 3 issues, we feel it’s important to explain the history of Together.

Together is a spin off from a successful tech firm called Galaxy. Galaxy has been in business for over 2 decades and has been working on developing Together for the last 3 years. Read more about Galaxy on Together’s website.

Back to those top 3 issues.

  • First of all, hiring takes too long when they are pressured to push out a new product. It’s not a viable short-term solution.
  • Teaching their team new skills takes too long when they’ve only been given a couple of quarters to revamp an app.
  • Nearly every one of them needs a design language and design system, but they don’t have the leadership or design chops, in-house, to make that happen, and hiring an agency is too expensive.

This is where Together comes in. We are a design team multiplier. We take a team and multiply its skills.

Most people don’t want to hire an agency, for many reasons, but namely because the agency model, wasn’t built for high quality UX work.

When it comes to design, one must be embedded. There is no way one can succeed unless they are there, day-to-day, seeing and hearing the context around why decisions are made, and what internal drivers move decisions in an organization.

This is the key to our success. Though we have been working on how to position this for the last three years, we have been applying this model in the real world with big name companies like; Amazon, NETGEAR, McAfee, and many others, for over 2 decades.

It is exactly this round the clock approach that allows together to get the job done faster than most other design teams. How does this all break down? How does Together make all of this work? Together dispatches a senior level liaison to your physical office, or your remote team. As work comes in, and decisions change, that designer will communicate with their Together design team, and get them started on around the clock shifts to get deliverables delivered the very next morning.

We know getting high quality design services fast, at rock bottom prices, is a dream come true for most. We are so excited to announce the launch of our company. If you are in need of design services and you think Together might be the right fit for you, check out our website.

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