Episode 58: Founders of Hari Mari, Lila and Jeremy Stuart

Todd Harris
Mar 26 · 1 min read
Lila and Jeremy Stewart. Image courtesy of dallasnews.com

Both Lila and Jeremy have very interesting backgrounds with the most unlikely of influences — politics and philanthropies. They are both avid flip-flop wearers, which gave them the ideas they needed to establish their brand. Jeremy started with focus groups, which was part of his DNA from being in political consulting. Polling the public. Out of those groups came Hari Mari — the move towards casual, color, and comfort (especially that little piece between your first and second toe).

(Producer’s note: This was recorded in a noisy environment and we apologize for the poor sound quality)

About Hari Mari Hari Mari®’s roots were born out of a futile search for signs of color & comfort in a sea of black and brown, and decidedly uncomfortable flip flops. Fusing practical color combinations with premium materials and comfort-driven construction methods, like its patent-pending Memory Foam Toe™, Hari Mari immediately set itself apart from the crowd.

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