Do something crazy!!!

Why you should do something crazy in your life?

I don’t know, it’s your life. I have no idea what in your mind and also nothing to do with your life.

But in my life, I really want to do many crazy. Why? Let’s look at how Vietnamese people have food. They always add many things else to the main dish: lemon, black pepper, source, ketchup, mint leaves, and especially is chili. Why they add those things? Because it make the food more special and have other taste. And with those, people can try many combination to make the food different, so they will never fed up with food.

And I think my life is exactly like that. I still need to work and live as a normal people, like a main dish in a meal. And beside that, I need to have many “additional things” that will add more taste to my life. And the things I need is some kind of crazy things, the think that unexpected, different from all people around us, and most important is bring us strong emotion.

I don’t know exactly what is the crazy thing I will do. I just need it. I will figuring out sooner or later.

Wait for it.