I’m back

So it’s exactly 1 week I do not post.

It’s a comfortable time :D. I don’t have to stay up late and trying to write about hard thing at midnight, when I feel really sleepy. Not writing is so easy and pleasure. It’s remind me of the easy time that I experience most the time of my life. And it’s teach me one thing: Easy do not help you grow.

So I’m back.

I do not accept the easy, the comfortable, the pleasure. I accept challenge, good-and-hard habit, and uncertainty.

I will keep writing, daily. I will write about everything that happen in my mind that I want to share. Of course for this time, I have to write it more carefully and give more effort to it. Now is the time to invest for quality over quantity. Each of my blog must be useful for the read in some aspect. But do not expect too much. Each of my blog still a small thing in life that I think worth sharing with you. It’s not a thesis or a fancy magazine article. It’s just a blog, where you can read small things.

This blog help me grow, and I will help grow this blog. In the future, there will be some more interesting topic for the crowd and more easy reading so I can attract more reader to this blog. I would also investing some in the branding of this blog. It’s should be cute, right! :D

That is just the plan, let execute it greatly. Talk less do more. Don’t talking without doing. People don’t care about what we say, they only see what we did. So do it greatly.