Did you know why bowel elimination is highly important for healthy living?

Talking of bowel elimination is not a very interesting topic for almost all. Even if one spells this topic, they maintain a very hushed tone for many find it as highly embarrassing. But this topic if not discussed in public, demands individual attention. It is not just about evacuating waste from the body; regularity of bowel elimination is imperative to upkeep of overall good health.
To keep bowel consistency, regular exercising, drinking adequate amount of water helps in bowel movement. Stool is an indicator of one’s diet, gastrointestinal health and weighs anxiety level, stress and anger of any person. In other words, it is with bowel movement that one gets an insight of health status such as temperature and blood pressure of any person.
Formation of bowels in the stool is a regular phenomenon as whatever food we eat reaches the lower part of the large intestine after all the essential nutrients are extracted from food consumed. The remaining part is the waste which contains high level of toxins. Bowel elimination is nothing but a process by which these toxins gets flushed out of the body.
Health experts are of the opinion that the longer these toxins remain in the body, the greater chances are that an individual will contact many deadly diseases. Most of the diseases are related to toxicity formed in the body. Constipation or skipping of daily bowel mo0vement therefore makes body activity of any person sluggish. It triggers formation of excessive gas and acid reflux that makes a person feel dizzy and restless the whole day until waste is eliminated from the body.
Effective steps to boost bowel elimination
1. Drinking sufficient level of water daily that is roughly figured to 12–16 ounces of water right in the morning hours. This step is helpful as it instigates bowel movement.
2. Adding sufficient quantity of fiber element in the diet. The best way to obtain fiber is from raw fruits and vegetables. Another way to extract fiber is through quality fiber supplements.
3. Correcting seating posture to eliminate waste as it helps in complete elimination of waste and toxic elements from the body. Sitting over the toilet to eliminate waste is a wrong posture for biologically human are meant to squat and not eliminate waste. But it is easy to correct and obtain natural posture with purchase of squatting step stool. This stool is to be used along with western commode seats whenever one sits to eliminate waste.
Stools are a combination of water, mucous, fiber, old cells related to intestinal linings. Also included in it are microorganisms and fewer amounts of inorganic salts that need to be flushed out of body to keep the inner area of body clean and hygienic. But at times one experiences running stools due to infection and harmful microorganisms working their trick over the digestive tract. They force the waste element to travel through digestive tracts faster than normal pace for water absorption.
Hence, do not ignore bowel movement as the more one ignores this area the more they are taking their health at risk. When witnessing diarrhea or constipation, try and evaluate what is the reason behind such and alter it immediately to bring back health on right track. Altering sedentary lifestyle, sitting posture on toilet seat with squatting over potty and avoiding food habits that lead to bloating and diarrhea & hard stool is one way to bring back health to right track.

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