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The last day of a year, Hanoi streets gradually sparse, I had to pack home. To celebrate a New Year full warm and family parties. The storms in a year set aside also to celebrate the new year.

Before stepping through the old year I want to write a few for your share.

In this article I will talk about the stages get acquainted with a girl.

The content of this article does not necessarily just talking about the steps when you get acquainted with a girl.

Actually I want to convey so much more.

So I decided I would add that the guidelines in stages so that you easily visualize and apply.

Do not forget to practice and test the effectiveness of it at once.

I hope you will feedback their results in the comments below.

In previous articles, I have talked about how do you start talking to a girl.

But I think it is not enough for you to strike up a conversation and get acquainted with a girl.

If you learned how to talk then now is the time you should learn how to become familiar.

Get acquainted with a girl is divided into several stages, but I’ll just say this first stage 4.

With the start of a new, so I think that is enough for you then.

As for the rest, let alone in the next article offline.

Let us explore each stage to get acquainted with a girl.

Hopefully when you finish reading this article will be able to go out, start talking to a girl.

Finally, set up an appointment with her.

1. Make eye contact with her:

This can be ignored if you are going to talk and get acquainted with a girl who is on the road.

But if you are in an area where people move less like a party, I recommend performing this step.

Turn your gaze to her, remember to look in the eye and not any other place you ‘.

Should not stare or with an expressionless gaze.

Look into her eyes and passed an appeal from the depths of your being.

Perhaps to achieve this, it will somewhat difficult for beginners.

If so you can perform in a different way and still have a similar effect.

Looked straight into her eyes, hold a moment, then smiled sinister.

Many people worried whether I should look into the eyes of women for too long or not.

In my opinion, you can never look at her to turn away also.

Hold as long as possible and send a strong signal to her.

If she looks at you, do not turn to go to avoid his eyes in response.

Just confident her gaze, you will eat right from step one point of the game.

Next come away with two steps after connecting with her eyes.

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2. Step to get acquainted with the girl:

When you make eye contact, but skip this step, as your efforts previously spent quit river pools.

I know a lot of guys are often worried or afraid sometimes to get acquainted with a girl.

Not that they did not know what to say because they think too much so that the mouth can not speak anymore.

Just because the reasons are not where you self-invented to scare yourself to prevent you from step to talk to that girl.

Limiting beliefs always exist in every person, your job is to control or eliminate it.

The way to freedom you have faith?

Stop to think and act immediately, just as simple as that.

I have a 3-second rule when doing anything non-serious.

Principle 3 seconds:

I think you should apply this principle, come to strike up a conversation with the girl you like within 3 seconds.

Do not think there should or should not anymore, now do not worry about anything.

Say “Hello!” And smiled at her.

If she turns around and greets you, do not think I should say anything to smart at all.

I have a common question that you can apply “You look so cute, so he wants to talk to you …”.

Or more crystals, the “I was passing by and saw you here.

Actually I can not lie, I was pretty. “

Note: Do not apply your sayings machines referenced in I Live or somewhere on the network.

Ask yourself or think of your own words, creativity is to separate elements, separately create success.

What time is the next step you will need to have a bit of sophistication in it there.

3. Touch her:

Speaking of this, I’m pretty much scared guy already.

Do you ever worry about how to touch a girl does not?

Then you can carry it like sneaky and not ridiculous?

I then had already, now thought to make me feel ridiculous.

The touch a girl can be considered rude or impolite if you still do not know which areas are to be and not be.

But it also depends on the degree of intimacy between you and her like.

If you do not know which areas you can touch the novice, see instructions below.

Regions can touch with women:

To make it easy for you to start getting to know the handshake will be the best choice.

You will not bother to find ways to touch her without being considered offensive.

Let’s put out his hand and soon thereafter embarked keep it longer than usual.

Tips: When embarking ask her name and introduces himself, continues with a story in the meantime.

You can not just hold her hand without saying anything, looks very forced.

For the first time the two met, create comfort for her.

I do not know you ever try hand kiss when acquainted with a woman or not.

But this is a suggestion that I think you should try the next time.

Vietnam Women’s probably still not used to being kissed their hands or some even do not know about this.

I bet you that she will be very surprised and impressed on you after doing this.

If you do not believe you?

Try it and know.

Note: There are a few girls withdrew his hand when you plan to hand kiss.

But do not worry, just ignore this and continue the story between the two.

Actually, not because you’re too ugly to do this.

It’s because she’s a little surprised, and not used to this.

Please raise her hand up and placed just a kiss on it.

Do not hold for a while and then do, just choose one of two only: shake hand or the hand kiss.

4. Try her confidence with her:

There is a simple way to test her level of trust with you.

That is, change the present.

Somewhat confusing is not it, so think more simply go.

Let me use an example to you understandably nhé:

If you have other interesting examples, please add it in the comments below offline.

I will try it in the next time.

After you have checked the level of attraction and trust her with him.

Step acquainted at first ended, now is the time step higher.

I will write the next article of this series in the future topics.

Now comes the part where I believe there will be a wonder if people will read this article.

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What happens if I miss a certain period or make it too fast?

Nothing too serious here at all, if you have the ability to just keep doing.

As I said, not getting to know the circumstances are the same.

Be flexible in each step to get the best results.

But when everything is possible, as with every step, and do not try to jump.

Step one will be attracted to your supplements ready for step two and so the next step.

When you do it fully, if they fail, you can blame anything.

You can blame the girl is not your standard, I live to say is not true, I do not see much excitement …

Next, get rid of bullshit his way of thinking was going and continue with other interesting targets.

Do not care about the time denied, it is not punishment for you.

Anyone can be denied, but who also have the opportunity to win the hearts of girls.

That depends on how your Mindset.

So instead of blaming yourself getting errors.

You’ll find the mistake in order to improve the current situation.

Stay tuned I live every day to read the best articles on how to conquer women, improve ourselves and fashion.

Looking ahead I will have one more living authors anymore, let’s watch who he is offline!

Happy New Year,

V An.



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