Andela Boot camp — Beginning

Last Friday I eventually attended the first day of the Andela Boot camp. Participation in the boot camp is part of their rigorous selection process for prospective participants in the Andela fellowship.

I expected the activities for the day to start immediately we arrived. But I was pleasantly surprised when it was required of us to have some physical warm ups. At about 9 A.M, we all headed to a small field and had a lot of fun playing games like kindergarten kids. I think it served to cool our nerves down considering most of us were not sure of what to expect of the place.

When we eventually returned to the official venue, things moved literally fast and furious. We were introduced to the Andela values, which were eloquently presented by Mr. Saya. Thereafter, the Boot Camp curriculum was presented. I must say, it is very extensive an am eager to work my way through.

Today I have been tackling scheduled activities as per the curriculum. This has involved really diving deeper into how to write code in test driven approach. I have also had to wet my feet further into version control using git as well as github. Although some of these concepts were initially not clear to me, I have noticed that it’s quite easy to get good documentation and examples.

Looking at the curriculum, I believe this is the start of a wonderful journey. I will be updating more posts in the coming days as I progress.

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