Andela Boot Camp — Day III

It is said that Nikola Tesla was so obsessed with the number 3 that he would go round a building three times before entering it. I wonder what he would have done if he were in this boot camp; and it was on its third day.

Well, today is the third day. And that is a good thing!

The curriculum required us to venture into the front-end technologies such as HTML and CSS. Having grown up in the electronics world, using tools such as C and C++, I have always tended to stigmatize front-end development. I mean, HTML has no programming constructs in it. But today, I had to face it. It was required of us to clone a simple UI. I went ahead and made a crude version of the Google account registration page — basically, just a form. Check it out here.

Tomorrow(and Friday too)is a very important day. We will be told who proceeds to the next stage of the boot camp. I am a little bit nervous, so please allow me to stop here for now.

I will tell you what happen tomorrow.