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Tokel Platform

Development Recap

The Tokel Team would like to sincerely thank and congratulate everyone who participated in the IDO! The IDO has now officially come to an end. This IDO was the very first to ever be conducted on the AtomicDEX application.

Per the whitepaper, “[The Early Adopter] TKL will be for the people that were not able to assist in initial development, but would like to make a contribution to continued development. These people will make the ongoing development and establishment of the Tokel platform possible.” That is precisely why we…

Tokel Giveaway

Tokel AMA

The upcoming AMA on this Saturday evening will answer any questions you might have about the Tokel project.

Want to know more about the blockchain features?
Want to learn more about the app?
Want to find out how Tokel is helping to develop Komodo technology?

Tokel IDO Live Stream Event

We invite the community to join Tokels IDO live stream event!

The event will be held live in our discord server and streamed via various platforms:

Date: 30th of August

Live stream start time: 7:00pm UTC

IDO start time: 8:00pm UTC

The event will be hosted by the skilled Ejuliano, and will feature members from both the Tokel & Komodo communities to discuss the Tokel…

Token Creation Platform

For each token created on the Tokel blockchain, a single satoshi of TKL is required.

Each transaction on the blockchain costs roughly 0.0001 TKL. This can be reduced as well, but we will stick with this amount for this example.

Any TKL used to create tokens is effectively removed from…

Tokel will be conducting an airdrop onto Komodo holders. A total of 8 million TKL will be airdropped onto KMD holders.

The snapshot for this airdrop will occur on a random day within 1 week (7 days) of the IDO start date (30th of August) and will be airdropped in…

Tokel will be conducting an Initial Dex Offering (IDO) on the AtomicDEX (a decentralized, non-custodial exchange) application.

If you are not familiar with AtomicDEX, I’d suggest reading the below blog posts to get yourself familiar with the technology and ready to go for the IDO.

If you would…

Tokel is a dedicated NFT & fixed supply token platform. Focused solely on the development of tokens and token features.


The Tokel Platform is aiming to be the best decentralized token platform on offer. The Tokel Platform is building a new ecosystem for token projects to launch and succeed from…

We have some great news about the Tokel blockchain and TKL coin launch!

After many hours spent testing and ensuring the blockchain and associated cryptocondition technology is as streamlined and secure as possible, we are now at a stage where we are happy to launch the blockchain into the world.


An NFT and Token Creation Platform

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