Tokenarium: First steps and Hiring a team

Fred. That’s me.

Stage 1 — First steps

Learn more about this stage —

Let’s choose Meme token and name it Shiba Inu? Ok?
Ok, this logo is superb.

Stage 2 — Hiring phase

So, who do you need to make your project successful and profitable?

  1. Contract developer — mainly responsible for Contract entries
  2. Marketing manager — mainly responsible for Marketing entries
  3. Moderator — mainly responsible for Community trust entries
  4. Designer — mainly responsible for Design entries
Choosing the right ones is very crucial

How to buy employees’ NFTs?

There are two ways of buying them. Team members are presented as NFTs in our game so, you should buy them on our website or on LootEx, or receive them during community events. They all have specific rarity, levels, skills’ levels and it will affect the speed of earning game points and on speed filling of the presale.

LootEx as a way to sell and exchange your NFTs.



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