Tokenarium — Important notes for investors

The article is prepared to collect answers on popular questions.


Why Fairlaunch instead of Presale?

  1. We are the Game-Fi project. With a ready to use P2E game and Marketplace. More people to come — more info in crypto about us after the fairlaunch.
  2. We don’t want to set any contributions limits. It’s open for everyone who wants to be a part of Tokenarium.
  3. It might be a gaswar on presale, so it’s a kind of a limitation too.

What’s the plan to prevent dumps?

  1. Partnership with other projects, launchpads and influencers in crypto. We plan to issue their own LootBoxes, NFTs or In-Game items. Players would be able to but them for $TKNRM only.
Example of Tokenarium Partnership System

2. We have in-game items that costs $TKNRM only. These are the boosters, launchpads and influencers.
3. Partnership with (confirmed) / It brings tons of NFT enthusiasts and players.
4. Buy back system. We plan to issue limited supply Special Edition LootBoxes and sell them for BNB. Some part of collected funds will go to buyback wallet.
5. We plan to make a leaderboard system that will increase FOMO.
6. We can limit the supply of NFTs in BNB/$TKNRM, so we can easily switch our marketplace to $TKNRM/BNB if we see a dump.

Why does the PinkSale show unlocked $TKNRM?

  1. We had a private sale for 100 BNB. We’ve prepared 21.600.000.000 $TKNRM for them. But, due to we have a fairlaunch, the final BNB — $TKNRM rate will be changed. So, some part of 21.600.000.000 $TKNRM will go to Private investors, while the rest part will be burnt.
  2. As we are a Game-Fi project, we have $TKNRM for our game. To avoid any scams and backdoors we set Payout distribution limit. It’s 2% of the Game-Fi supply per day — take a note that it’s a max % ( Moreover, Game-Fi tokens cannot be sent or withdrawn by contract owner, because they were initially deployed to the $TKNRM contract address from zero address (

Is your game full?

Yes and no. I’ve never seen the full game. Developers always make some updates, implement new features, design and some other things. But, talking about getting an income — yes, it’s full. Talking about our ideas — no, we plan to continue the development.

How can I sell my NFTs?

We made a strategic partnership with LootEx (, C2C marketplace for our NFTs. So, everyone will be able to trade and exchange their NFTs on LootEx (

How to play before listing.

Guys… Just click this link -, follow the instructions and play 🚀 If you have any questions, our Moderators and Support will help you with the problem or will send your issue to our Developers.

Game link: (tesnet)

Marketplace: (testnet)


When launch/listing?

PancakeSwap listing — Monday, May 23th (the time is TBA)

If you have some more questions, we can publish the here and give you an answer. It may help other people to find the info easily. So, don’t be shy and ask you questions in TG group or on Medium.

P.S. Don’t forget to visit our AMAs 😂

With love,

Steve @stevetokenarium


Game: (testnet)
Marketplace: (testnet)



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