Hello guys, and welcome to Tokenarium. The P2E game about project developers. “Make presales to earn!” — that’s how we call it! It’s simple, funny and you don’t need to take any risks, like a real project developer 🤟🏻

Some weeks ago, we had a huge engagement with the Medium community and got trended almost everywhere!

When Binance?

What has changed since these stories?

  1. We’ve released a game with the full functionality described in our GitBook. It includes: payout system, marketplace integration, and other improvements to be ready to launch our game right after the $TKNRM launch on Pancake Swap.

2. We’ve started our private sale for the early birds of the project, and it’s gonna be available for everyone till May, 13th. Ofc, we have some prizes for these guys!

0.25 BNB — 0.49 BNB — 2 random NFTs
0.5 BNB — 0.74 BNB — 3 random NFTs
0.75 BNB — 0.99 BNB — 4 random NFTs

For 1 BNB — 2 BNBs contributors will get a Common or Rare, or Legendary Loot Box with 5 NFTs.

2022.05.13–15:00 (UTC)

PRIVATE SALE LINKhttps://privatesale.tokenarium.online/

3. We had 2 great AMAs with Venom Calls and The Future Lounge. We made a huge hype there. Like, 5k+ comments in Venom Calls post about our AMA.

VENOM CALLS AMA Recap — https://t.me/tokenarium/67466 (VENOM CALLS Post — https://t.me/venomcalls/4124; https://t.me/venomcalls/4126)
The Future Lounge AMA Recap — https://t.me/tokenarium/64610 (The Future Lounge AMA Post — https://t.me/c/1540887893/508602 ! LINK WORKS ONLY FOR GROUP MEMBERS !)

During the AMAs, we disclosed tons of info about our team, project, game, marketplace, contracts, tokenomics, future plans, marketing, etc. Just join our group and check the pins, guys! You won’t be disappointed.

4. We made a strategic partnership with Kryptonite marketing from Legacy Capital. They helped us to reach Telegram and Twitter influencers. But the main thing is that we work as a team together — that’s crucial for us, cause they always give us some advice we need, help us to promote the project, etc.

https://t.me/tokenarium/57682 + https://t.me/tokenarium/57682

5. We got the first feedback about our game and we’ve decided to make a backlog of features to develop after the $TKNRM listing.

6. We made a major update toour GitBook. We’ve polished the info about the in-game flow, NFTs, tokenomics, roadmap, and game versions.

What are the next steps?

We continue our game development, cause we still have a lot of ideas.

Also, we plan to make as many calls and AMAs as possible to spread the word about Tokenarium in every community we can reach.

And, finally, we will start our Fairlaunch on Pinksale on May 16th. Don’t miss it, guys! It will be a long term journey!

In terms to track the updates, please, follow these links:

🌐 Website — tokenarium.online
🕊 Twitter — twitter.com/Tokenarium_BSC
🔊 Medium — medium.com/@tokenarium_bsc
🧾 GitBook — tokenarium.gitbook.io/tokenarium/

To the Moon, guys!



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“Make presales to earn!” — P2E game about project developers. Telegram — https://t.me/tokenarium ; Website — https://tokenarium.online/