Tokenarium — Monthly update

New partners

During the first month, we’ve made several partnerships.


We are happy to cooperate with Lootex on their Mid-Year Festival and there will be abundant rewards for participants. Our NFT owner can get a chance to win a share of 1,800+ USDT! All you need to do is list your NFT on Lootex!

LootEx and Tokenarium | Mid-Year Festival
Mid-Year Festival


GemPad is a fairly new launchpad with 0% token fee, unique features, strong partners and a loyal community, already hosting presales, special sales and stealth launches.


OG Token

Organic Growth (OG) Token is the native token for OG platform and OG services that can help promising cryptocurrency projects to solve marketing issues.

Game updates

UI/UX updates, gas fee issue, switching to Polygon.

Updated UI and UX — UI/UX update

Gas fee issue

We faced the gas fee issue again. That’s a big problem, but we found the solution. In a couple of days, we will start switching the game to Polygon. Polygon has almost zero gas fee, so, every player will be happy.

IDO on Polygon

The second thing is liquidity. We need some liquidity at the start of Tokenarium in Polygon, that’s why we’ve decided to make a Pinksale Fairlaunch with the lowest possible softcap and highest liquidity. The date and the link to the Fairlaunch will be posted on June, 21st — 22nd.

The future of the Tokenarium in BSC

As everyone understands, the main utility will go to Polygon. But what’s gonna be with $TKNRM in BSC?

Other topics

Devs’ and designers’ current focus

We’re still working on game updates, we have tons of ideas and feedback from the community, so, after launching on Polygon we gonna implement new features. Sounds crazy in such a bearish time, but, why not? We love our project and we believe in it.

Bearish market

We know that the most part of investors is truly afraid of market conditions. But as we all know, the bearish market is the best time to evolve and make something new to attract people and gain more trust. So, our C-level part of the team is working on long-term ideas.



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