Tokenarium Partnership Program

About TPP

TPP (e.g. Tokenarium Partnership Program) is the kind of partnership which gives the new or old communities to be more well-known in crypto space. Tokenarium is an educational project. It’s about devs. Players need to build the the team (e.g. NFTs), choose the influencer (e.g. Influencer In-Game Item), choose the launchpad (e.g. Launchpad In-Game Item) and make a presale. These NFTs and items works like a booster. More points it has - less time to wait till presale ends.


SIG (brand page on our marketplace + NFTs + LootBox + In-Game item)—

How it works

  1. Firstly, you need to contact us via the Google Form, join our TG group and wait for our response.
  2. After receiving your submission, we check the project, ask some questions. The procedure is always different, so there is no “success” standards.
  3. After the vetting process, we invite a potential partner to the private group with our team. We discuss how can we help them and discuss the benefits for both sides.
  4. Our team of designers and devs implements your NFTs, In-Game items or a Brand Page in our Game and Marketplace.

General benefits

  1. Up to 10% fee for Partner from their NFTs and In-Game items.
  2. LootEx C2C Marketplace NFTs listing.
  3. Massive community engagement and promotion in our groups and in our our partners’ socials (Kryptonite Marketing, SIG).
  4. Other benefits. We are always trying to find a good solution to help the project reach their target audience. That’s why are always open to any ideas.



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