🐳 Up to 42% Bonus on FLIP Tokens of Gameflip — Only on Tokenator! 🐳 [UPD: Deal’s Deadline Extended to December 8!]

Join our new exciting deal! Buy FLIP tokens of Gameflip via Tokenator and get 42% bonus (or 37% bonus if you contribute after the deal’s soft cap of 30 ETH is reached). 🐳 UPD: The deal is extended until 9 AM UTC, December 8!

Why Gameflip

Gameflip is the marketplace for all gamers where anyone can buy and sell anything gaming related, from physical copies of the earliest generations of video-game consoles to in-game items of the latest PC gaming titles.

“Gameflip’s vision of unlocking digital goods for gamers worldwide is revolutionary.” Richard Melmon, Co-Founder of EA.

️ Gamers purchase $100B+ of digital goods annually.

2M+ registered and 500k+ monthly active users.

️ Gameflip pre-sale has hit 112% with 3360 ETH.

️ Top-notch advisor Richard Melmon, Co-Founder of Electronic Arts ($37B market cap).

Over 10M web views and 2M mobile app accesses monthly.

Backed by top tier investors with over $10M raised to date.

Up to 42% Bonus on FLIP — Only on Tokenator!

The Tokenator club is the only place where you can get +42% bonus on FLIP tokens (or +37% bonus if you contribute after the deal’s soft cap is reached) and buy like a whale:

🐳 https://tokenator.io 🐳

Minimum purchase:
0.1 ETH (0.005 BTC) for 28.4 FLIP (42% bonus included) or for 27.4 FLIP (+37% bonus included).

Soft cap for the deal:
30 ETH (money back if not reached).

Hard cap for the deal:
250 ETH.

The super wow offer ends on December 7 (UPD: on December 8), so — hurry up to buy like a whale!

The FLIP token sale is only available to purchasers who are: (i) not ‘U.S. Persons’ (as defined in Regulation S under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended) and not purchasing for the account or benefit of any U.S. Persons and (ii) eligible to purchase FLIP tokens under the applicable laws of each such purchaser’s jurisdiction.

Any questions, you are welcome to chat with us in our Telegram group:https://t.me/tokenator.

About Tokenator

Tokenator is the first open club of ICO deals — Groupon for the blockchain. Driven by the collective purchasing power, it allows anyone to buy promising tokens like a whale, with huge discounts of up to 80% and low minimum order limits. Tokenator uses the great in-house expertise to select the best blockchain projects on the ICO or pre-sale and launches lucrative short-term special offers several times a week.

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