BlackBox Token Transfers: Taking Control of Your Blockchain Privacy

BlackBox Transfers
4 min readMar 19


Innovation: Over the years, the marvel of blockchain technology has taken the world by storm. While proponents and opponents are both numerous, one indisputable fact remains: crypto is here to stay. With this being the obvious case, users must exercise an abundance of caution to protect both their assets and their digital privacy. For novice users that may wonder why privacy might be a concern, blockchain technology provides a ledger of all transactions that is visible for anyone with an internet connection to see.
Would you like your bank account transactions published online? Surely not. While many users already enjoy the anonymity that comes with being able to create a new wallet quickly and easily, the challenge comes in moving over your assets from one wallet to another in an untraceable way. Once your wallet address becomes common knowledge via various interactions with other users, you may wish to reinstate your sense of anonymity with a new wallet that has no link to the former.

This is where our proprietary and revolutionary BlackBox plays a critical role. Vehemently audited and scrutinized by one of the most reputable auditors in Web 3, BlackBox has been deemed to be a safe and efficient way to anonymously transfer your assets. Adequately breaking the blockchain link between wallets, you can reclaim your privacy and anonymity as many times as necessary; all while paying among the lowest fees and enjoying the fastest speeds on the market.
Upon completion of our audit, Eth and stable Coins (USDC & USDT) will be fully supported.

Free currency swap:

You may also enjoy the luxury and convenience of swapping from either currency to either currency without any additional fees when using the BlackBox.

Pay only the cheapest fee with fee aggregator:

BlackBox takes a small fee to power a large utility, but if you have frequent use, it will aggregate your transfers to ensure you only pay the lowest fee tier.

Angel Investor Group:

With a robust and growing community, BlackBox has opened a private Angel Investor group that entitles select holders (1%) access to profit sharing and any other ventures that the dynamic and experienced BlackBox team may offer. This includes, but is not limited to, pooling user funds for shares of swap fees. Bear in mind, that a percentage of swap fees also goes to support the BBTT lp pool and graph.

Alliance Program:

To celebrate the achievement of obtaining a successful audit and such positive feedback from our holders, BlackBox will extend the courtesy of discounted swap fees to all of our official affiliates.
Once accepted into the program and this utility is released, holders of our alliance tokens would then qualify for discounts using our comprehensive crypto anonymizer. During negotiations, you can choose the amount of tokens they must hold and reward your whales; or you can enable this feature for all of your holders, adding instant value and utility to your project!

Ultimately, your holders can enjoy: discounts on protecting their privacy with our anonymizer & free cross promotion opportunities within our respective communities.
Many holders love to see legitimate projects working together. Add instant value to your holders today!

Managing a crypto project or bullish on BBTT and another token? Curious about how to qualify this project as an affiliate or how to qualify for the potential rewards?

Some standard expectations apply: Please see our telegram for more details.

Community Events:
- 25k token share to holders that bring successful co-marketing arrangements to the table (some exclusions and exception may apply)
- Community led twitter campaign- our gracious members and whales are donating to a pool for prizes pertaining to twitter engagement
- Privacy Awareness Week- 5 largest eth transfers through our BlackBox receive their fees back X2!

Come learn more about BBTT and our products, visit us at: