Introducing DOG: Exit Scam Reward Token

In 2017, nearly half of all ICO projects have been classified as failures with a subset being dubbed as “ICO Exit Scams”. A project is defined as a scam when it is proven that the money collected during a preICO or ICO was stolen and the team has disappeared. This means that fraud was premeditated and the theft of investor funds deliberate. In response to the widespread fraud plaguing the ICO community, ICO Watchdog has developed the DOG token and minted a max supply of 75,000,000 DOG to combat ICO scam activity.

What is DOG?

DOG is the first ever altruistic cryptocurrency that aims to reward members of the public for identifying, verifying, and exposing ICO scam activities. Anyone who provides new and definitive information regarding an active ICO exit scam will be rewarded with a bounty of up to 100,000 DOG.

Stake DOG to secure your voting rights:

Become a community watchdog and help ICO Watchdog verify ICO Scams. ScamWatch™ will periodically post a Scam Alert for coin offerings suspected of fraud, we invite DOG holders to vote on the likelihood that a scam is taking place. To qualify to vote, you must stake at least 1 DOG token. The power of your vote is directly determined by the amount of DOG you stake. For example, the vote of someone who stakes 2% of the max DOG supply will be 4x stronger than the vote of someone who stakes 0.5%.

Click Here to learn more about ScamWatch™.

Why is DOG valuable?

DOG tokens are used by blockchain startups and cryptocurrency investors to pay for ICO Watchdog services.

ICO Watchdog secures the value of DOG by accepting DOG as payment for our following products:

  • CryptoTrends™: a premium service provided by ICO Watchdog that offers enhanced data to help traders make smarter decisions. Click Here to learn more about CryptoTrends™.
  • TokenGrade™: an ICO auditing service provided by ICO Watchdog that analyzes the source code of an ICO smart contract and verifies consistency with all token sale parameters declared in ICO whitepaper documentation. Click Here to learn more about TokenGrade™.
  • Sponsored Alerts: A marketing service we provide to blockchain startups looking to advertise in the ICO Watchdog chat bot to reach highly-targeted cryptocurrency investors directly on their mobile phone. Click Here to learn more about Sponsored Alerts.

Token Details and Distribution

Max Supply: 75,000,000 DOG

Exit Scam Rewards: 50,000,000 DOG (Whistleblower rewards)

Reserves: 25,000,000 DOG (AirDrops, ICO Watchdog Team)

Contract Address: 0xf89ed809c336e79ab6c5da5bff6f17074a70e51d

Token Address (EtherScan):

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