Introducing ICO Watchdog – 100% Free Real-time Cryptocurrency Alerts for Slack and Messenger

Τhe cryptocurrency marketplace has made it possible for members of our global society to develop and trade programmable assets and digital currencies.

These blockchain-based currencies and powerful smart contracts are enabling a new-breed of applications without requiring trust in a centralized third party. There is much to gain in this brand-new, yet highly volatile marketplace and keeping constant watch on your current or future cryptocurrency investments is the key to success.

ICO Watchdog is a financial information service and trusted community for cryptocurrency and ICO investors.

The service can be programmed to follow any cryptocurrency and notify users when there is significant movement in price or volume. Users can define what significant means and ICO Watchdog will keep watch for you like man’s best friend should. You can also choose to receive trading and ICOs alerts – and we will notify you the exact moment new cryptocurrencies begin trading or when ICOs go on sale.

Best of all, this is all done right inside your favorite messaging applications — starting with Slack and Messenger. More platforms to launch soon.

In addition, we are working on premium services for more advanced cryptocurrency investors and traders. See more below.


1) ICO Action Alerts: Get notified when a cryptocurrency appears to be rallying upward or spiraling downward.

2) Pre-ICO Analysis: Analyze and compare the key metrics of upcoming ICOs before they go on sale.

3) Post-ICO Analysis: Keep track of ICOs roadmap and team along with other key technical indicators.

Come join the conversation on Slack or Telegram, and learn more visiting our website.

-Shaun and The ICO Watchdog Team