The birth of a new cryptoeconomic primitive

An example of a list that could eventually become a TCR :)

1. Github Repo

by Mike Goldin

2. Token Curated Registry Whitepaper

by Mike Goldin

3. Token-Curated Registries 1.0

by Mike Goldin

4. Token-Curated Registries 1.1

by Mike Goldin

5. ABCs of Token-Curated Registries

by Dave Murry

6. Continuous Token-Curated Registries: The Infinity of Lists

by Simon de la Rouviere

7. City Walls & Bo-Taoshi: Exploring the Power of Token-Curated Registries

by Simon de la Rouviere

8. Token-Curated Registries, An Emerging Cryptoeconomic Primitive

by Rhys Lindmark

Token Curated Registry

A community-driven collection of resources for Token Curated Registries. Find us at

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