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Check out our recently updated list of projects that use TCRs!

Special thanks to Eddy Muñoz and Brady McKenna for contributing to this list!

Have suggestions? Add them in the comments!

adChain Registry

ConsenSys Ad Tech (CAT)

District0x Registry



Aragon Labs

Ocean Protocol

Legal Block


Token Daily



Rare Protocol

Do Good



Spank Chain






Steak Network

Crypto Jingles

Light Streams

Light Streams

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Credit goes to Mike Goldin for his pioneering work on the subject. Read his original articles here.

Please provide feedback in the comments if there are any corrections or improvements!

The problem

Online lists are everywhere. We use them everyday to organize and rank information. Examples include lists of best restaurants, top universities, or even tokens! However they have several inherent issues:

  • List Viewers and List Members are forced to trust that the List Owner is acting honestly.
  • Centralized lists (like Yelp) can arbitrarily add/remove List Members, they can require payments from List Members, or their ranking methods can be gamed.
  • Decentralized lists promise to reflect the wisdom of the crowd but they often fall victim to spam, fraudulent voting, or social engineering. In order to maintain quality, they often appoint semi-centralized List Moderators. …

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The birth of a new cryptoeconomic primitive

An example of a list that could eventually become a TCR :)

1. Github Repo

by Mike Goldin

2. Token Curated Registry Whitepaper

by Mike Goldin

3. Token-Curated Registries 1.0

by Mike Goldin

4. Token-Curated Registries 1.1

by Mike Goldin

5. ABCs of Token-Curated Registries

by Dave Murry

6. Continuous Token-Curated Registries: The Infinity of Lists

by Simon de la Rouviere

7. City Walls & Bo-Taoshi: Exploring the Power of Token-Curated Registries

by Simon de la Rouviere

8. Token-Curated Registries, An Emerging Cryptoeconomic Primitive

by Rhys Lindmark

9. Token Curated Registries in Butterfly Economies

by kei

10. A Closer Look at TCR 1.1 and the µ Equation

by Eddy Muñoz

11. Brian Kelly on Token Curated Registries

by The Unconfirmed Podcast / Laura Shin

12. Token Curated Registries

by Kerman Kohli

13. Token Curated Registries: An Experiment in Game Theory (Part 1&2)

by Julian Martinez

14. Token Curated Playlists

by Felipe Gaúcho Pereira

15. Investable Token Curated Registries

by Robert Greenfield IV

16. Introduction to Token Curated Registries

by Max Bronstein

17. Token Curated Registry Design Patterns

by Matt Lockyer

18. Token Curated Registries That Don’t Work

by Aleksandr Bulkin

19. TCR Design Flaws: Why Blockchain Needs Reputation

by Slava Balasanov

20. When Can Token Curated Registries Actually Work?

by Alex Tabarrok


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