TEO Token is no longer being sold

Due to the huge increase of interest in TEO token, the management of Tokeneo exchange decided to withdraw it from the sale. This information was made public on Friday, April 12.

Huge interest in TEO token caused Tokeneo’s management board to decide to withdraw it from the sale. That interest was related to obtaining a license for business in Estonia and providing the official start date of Tokeneo exchange — 22 May.

At first, TEO token was being sold at pre-ICO for 40 cents, then the last pool got sold for 50 cents. At this point, the token is completely withdrawn from sale. According to the exchange’s management, the token is currently valued at between PLN 0.80 and PLN 1.00.

The withdrawal of TEO token from sales is also connected with the investors’ great interest. Currently, there are four strategic investors who want to buy a part of shares in the stock exchange and co-finance its operation. More detailed information on this subject will be provided in the near future.

Current activities are shrouded in mystery, but it is known that one investor from Germany is already out of commission. At this point, negotiations are underway between a Chinese fund that wants to develop the Tokeneo project in Southeast Asia, an American corporate group based in Singapore and a fund in Great Britain.

It is possible that the contract will be signed with two investors. Perhaps the strategic partner from Europe will be responsible for the development of the project on the old continent and other markets, while the Asian market will be taken over by another department. Talks on this issue are still ongoing.